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What Hippos Eat

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What Hippos Eat
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Here shows what hipposes prefer to eat


Hippos are strictly herbivorous. Each night the herd comes ashore and travels up to five miles inland to graze on short grasses. The paths to the feeding grounds become well-worn with use, and the animals mark the paths with their dung and urine to help them find their way home just before dawn. An adult hippo will consume about 100 pounds of grass each night, which is actually a fairly modest amount for such a large creature. Hippos cut the grass off not with their teeth, like most grazers, but with their broad, tough lips.
Hippos consume as much vegetation as they can during the night, when they are shielded from the searing heat and sun. At dawn, they retire into water and spend their days resting, squabbling and, most importantly, digesting.

Where human settlements border the hippos' territory, the hippos will often wander out of their usual grazing grounds and raid the nearby farmlands, where they do much damage.


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