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About Hippos

About Hippos
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Wanna know what hippos eat?? you, my friend.

A group of hippos is led by a single large male. The other members are females, their young, and a few young adult males. The leader of the group keeps control of his mating territory by fighting off rivals. When a male hippo in the group challenges him, the leader opens his enormous mouth, revealing long canines. Often the display is enough to make the challenging hippopotamus back off. Sometimes, however, hippos fight aggressively, leading to deep wounds and sometimes even death.
Hippos have a courting ritual of sorts, but it is nowhere near as eleborate as those of most other mammals. As noted above, the vast majority of the mating is performed by the herd's dominant male. Mating most often occurs during the dry season, when the herds are densely crowded together. The ritual begins when the male senses that one of the females is receptive. The male and female circle each other underwater, occasionally stopping and changing directions, in a sort of slow-motion ballet. From time to time each animal will gently clack its tusks against the other's. (Scientists who studied the hippo's vocalizations using underwater microphones puzzled for years over the source of these clacking noises. The mystery wasn't solved until zoos began building special enclosures which allowed clear underwater viewing of the animals.) After a few minutes of circling, the animals copulate, partly submerged, with the male mounting the female from the rear. Once the act is complete, the female returns to the rest of the herd, and the male resumes his guard duties. There is no further contact between the two.


The baby hippo stays close to its mother for the first two years of its life. The mother hippo is extremely protective of its offspring and will fearlessly attack anything she considers a threat, whether it be a lion, a crocodile, or a boatful of hapless tourists that happened to get too close. If there are several infants in a herd at the same time, which is not uncommon, the females will often take turns watching over the little ones.


Male hippos become sexually mature at about seven years of age, females at about nine years. They reach their full adult size between the ages of ten and twelve years. A male hippo typically will not seek control of a herd until it is at least twenty years old. The average life span of hippopotamuses in the wild is forty to forty-five years; hippos in captivity live somewhat longer.

CLASS: Mammalia Mammals
ORDER: Artiodactyla Artiodactyls (Even-toed Ungulates)
FAMILY: Hippopotamidae Hippopotamuses
GENUS: Hippopotamus Horse of the river
SPECIES: amphibius Amphibious

Taking a break from work

...Nice Hippo

Being a hippo, there tends to be a little bit more leisure time than ur average human.

SO the age old question. why cant i have a pet hippo?

I've compiled a few reasons just to speculate into my problem-

PROBLEM A- Theres the feeding, cleaning, etc.
PROBLEM B- What would the neighbors think?
PROBLEM B2- What would ANYONE think??
PROBLEM C- .. I cant see anymore problems... thats not too bad is it?

So why should i have a hippo?
A- Its a hippo, i mean come on
B- Its the new craze, everyones doin it
C- Its me, and i need a random pet too.